Barrie School Gym
13500 Layhill Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906
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Winter '16 Volleyball Season
Starts December 1st
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November 29,, 2016
Shirt Pick-up
Thursday, 7-9pm at:

Sole D' Italia
14324 Layhill Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906

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Every Thursday starting December 1st (Season is 9 weeks). Thursday's between 7pm and 10pm. Games last approximately 1 hour in the Silver Spring area. Check the Schedule here for the latest schedule updates.
Winter 2016
If you would like to be on the same team as your friend(s), please write down their name on the space provided in your registration form. As an individual or group, you will be assigned to either an existing team who needs more players or to a new team with other individuals.
Games will be held rain or shine, unless courts/fields are closed due to inclement weather conditions. Any delays will be published on the main page of each particular sport. Announcement will be made the day of the game as follows: Football & Softball by 9AM, Dodgeball, Volleyball & Kickball by 5PM. Please check with your captains for any changes. Silver Spring Social Sports will make up 1 game if needed.
No refund unless Silver Spring Social Sports cannot designate you onto a team.